Easy ideas to make a small space look Bigger

Easy ideas to make a small space look bigger

More often you may see people complaining about the lack of space and envy about those who are enjoying larger spaces/rooms. But don’t you worry; you can make the most use of your space by being creative and innovative. Gone are the days where people had to accept the small spaces and ‘what you do to a small space will remain a small space’ mentality.

Interior designers have been more creative nowadays which has made people mindset to think differently. And also, revamped small spaces not only look spectacular but also looks bigger. So, wondering how a small room can look more spacious? There is a certain creative thing to try. But to make all these elements work you have to be guided by one of the best Residential interior designers in Bangalore. Here we have listed some of the easiest ways to make a small space look bigger.

Go with Lights

The first and the foremost thing! Consider lightings to make your space look bigger. You can instantaneously open up space by flooding it with natural light. To bring more light go with large windows and doors or wall to wall/ floor to ceiling fenestrations. It also increases the space’s aesthetic appeal. If there is an open space/garden, try to install large windows adjoining it which can enable illusionary connectivity with space. Not only general lighting, but you can also rely on artificial lighting, by cleverly layering the lighting in a small space.

Selecting Furniture

Small scale furniture is best for small spaces. Furniture with legs raised on them is also better for small spaces. Always remember, cluttering too many pieces of furniture make your space looks smaller. Using a standard depth sofa with a slim type lightweight material than a deep sofa may also work like charm. This helps the feel and look of your space comfortable without being cramped. Also, the placement of the furniture is very important. Ideal furniture for your small space is extendable tables or pull-out tables as these fold up against the wall.

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Bring in mirrors

Mirrors are the real magicians! They reflect light and objects and create optical illusions that give a luxurious ambiance. You can also make your tiniest space look larger by installing wall to wall mirrors. As they bounce all the light to your room, just make sure you place it perfectly to reflect a window or view to add bonus light. You can also use smaller mirrors to visually enlarge small spaces such as above the fireplace with a console, on the walls, or the pillars.

Glass also plays an important role in interior design in making your small space look big like mirrors. You can Glam up your space by installing wall glass doors and windows or even small doors in glass.


To give a sense of scale and height to space, one of the great ways is by giving floor-to-ceiling shelving. It also offers you extra storage space. Also, go for the combinations of open and closed shelving. If you make a space fully open, the area will feel cluttered no matter how minimum your intentions. If it is all closed, you will lose your personality.

Make use of Art

Artwork can create a sense of height and space and also plays an important role in the overall scale and proportion of a room. Consider using combinations of sizes and materials with the artwork. Add a cluster of three or four smaller framed pieces with your largest piece or maybe another selection in a row. To create a visually clean look, you can make use of large wall art and draw the eye around the space.

Less is more

You may have to consider saying goodbye to all the unnecessary collectibles and keep things minimal to maintain a clean modern look of your apartment. Remember small spaces fill up faster and may feel even more uncomfortable when they are bursting with clutter. Make the most of your space by clearing off the surfaces that aren’t necessary.

These are some of the creative and trendy tips you need to consider to make your space feel larger than life. Remember, while making your place spacious placement is also important. Want to interior design your small space? In-cube Studio with experienced, enthusiastic interior designers in Bangalore are creative and innovative can help you make your dream home look more spacious. You can check our portfolios at www.incubestudio.in