How it Works

Greeting and Meeting

Each design project will begin with a greeting and meeting the clients. In this process, we analyze the client’s needs and key requirements. Any queries about the function of the space, furniture and equipment requirements are discussed. A preliminary budget and the time scale in which the project is to be released will be given to the client.

Site Inspection

Once the first step is taken, a site inspection will be conducted by the engineer and natural factors like light, noise, and function of the space will be recorded.  Also, the required measurements and photos will be taken at the time of the inspection. The floor plans and the measurements are then given to the designer for the next process.

Concept Preparation

In this process, based on the analysis and the requirements of the client the accommodation list of the spaces that are required to accommodate the activities of the client will be discussed. Briefly designed concepts and color schemes and preliminary selection of various materials will be done. Rough sketches and elevation are created and finish ideas are developed and then produced to the client for review and revision. 

Design Discussion

A comprehensive discussion about the design is done with the client in this process. Based on the feedback of the client, the plan will be modified if required. The refined drawings and materials are given to the designers for preparing 2D and 3D digital graphics for the respective drawings and floor plans. 

Design Phase

With the help of floor plans and the color schemes, the designer develops 2D and 3D digital graphics, floor plans and elevations in greater detail in a way that the client can understand and visualize their dream home. The final design will be sent to the clients for review and revision and final approval.


Once the designed is approved by the client, our team plans and executes everything from furniture installation to wall treatments. Regular updates will be shared with the client throughout the process. Our team ensures that the execution process completes within the budget and the estimated time. 

Final Delivery

This is where the key to your dream home is gifted by us! The process of execution of the interiors and delivery of your dream home interiors will be done in 45 days. 

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