Office interior design ideas

Innovative Start-up office Interior Design Ideas

The Indian start-up ecosystem is now maturing at an increasing rate. Not only there are emerging new entrepreneurs, but they also have redefined the interior industry.  Trends are changing so as to the new start-up companies’ office design. They don’t stick around for usual corporate norms now. Their offices are all about creative design and functionality to build a possible work environment for their employees. After all, a new company means a new beginning and hence the office also represents the culture of the company. Our interior designers in Bangalore always try new methods to provide a trendy look to the projects.

Most start-ups begin their journey from small space or home offices or even a garage. These start-up office spaces may be small, that doesn’t mean it has to be poorly designed. Office interior designers need to be more creative and consider a good approach while planning the space.


While designing the office, the designers should consider the shape and size of the office space. From furniture to desk arrangement to lighting, the list goes on. Designing a space that feels like home makes people feel comfortable at the office. Common spaces are the core of any start-up.  While most companies do not focus on private spaces, adding separate rooms for meetings and conferences will keep the level of professionalism.  Having a firm hold on the space utilization and management of the company definitely helps.


Furniture also gives grand look for the office design. Start-ups undergo changes in terms of their furniture and space. If the workspace is mobile, then it is good to have a flexible seating arrangement which helps taking a lot of space. Using versatile and multipurpose furniture helps in eliminating space issues in start-up offices. Install the right furniture according to space. Use of bean bags, round tables for meetings and wooden floorings give a unique style to your office.


Using certain colors and decorating the office has proven improved productivity. Therefore, your office can increase overall productivity by choosing the right combination of colors. Opt for more primary colors and graphics. The color on the walls should enhance the brand image of the office. The right choice of color can have a dramatic effect on your clients and other visitors.


While designing a space light and ventilation are often ignored. The maximum use of natural light will make space look brighter and boost productivity. Along with proper light, greenery is something that every start-up should consider. The green environment helps in reducing stress giving a new look to the design of the office. It also helps in the overall productivity of the company. Also, green surrounding makes a more attractive environment for the people and clients.


The office needs to be a place that people want to come rather than staying at home and work. Therefore, make sure to design your office according to the new trends. In-cube Studio being one of the top affordable interior designers in Bangalore always make sure that we are following new trends in designing. If you are also searching for trendy interior designing for your workspace, feel free to visit us @