Interior design stages

Successful Stages of Interior Designing

Very question a client asks for Interior designers is that- ‘How long does the design process take?’ The society that we live in has changed drastically and they expect that everything should be available immediately whether it is fast food or stock trades or anything. But if you need to design your interiors in the trendiest way, then remember quality design not only takes time, it requires time. If everything goes as planned then an interior design project starts from inception to completion.

So here are the major stages of interior designing..

Getting to know the client
In this programming phase, the client’s needs and objectives are identified. It may be regarding the number of relevant questions like who will be using the space, how they live and how they want to be perceived in the world and the discussion about the project budget and timeline. Also, the required measurements and photos are taken at this time.

Schematic design
Space planning and furniture layouts are developed in this phase. The detailed scaling and traffic flow, as well as what specific furnishings, is needed is considered. The elevations and planning are designed roughly and also preliminary furniture and finish ideas are also developed and then presented to the client for review and revision.

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Design Development

After the approval of the schematic design, the designer develops new plans, furniture plans, color palettes, painting, wall coloring, flooring, moldings, cabinetry, countertops, elevations and other related items in greater detail. Also, the cost estimation is prepared and the resulting design is presented to the client for review, revision and final approval.

Construction documentation
This phase is all about details. The first phase-specific details of the work area to be documented. The details such as flooring and painting, lighting plans, fixture selection, plumbing location, and electrical layouts are included in the document. The designers detail out all the drawings to make sure there is no doubt by contractors about the design. The bids are obtained and the contractors are selected and the purchase orders are issued.
Also, in this process, the buying, ordering and commissioning the production of furnishings is done. The style and type of frame, selecting wood and metal finishes for legs, type of seat and cushions, fabric and leathers and many more are selected.

As the title indicates this phase is full of installations and the surprises and a few “I never knew it could be like this” types of exclamations. The site visits will be done by the designers while installations to ensure items are received in good condition and installed correctly and the instructions have been followed properly.

Project completion
The final phase of the project includes the discussion about the care and maintenance of all furnishes finishes and equipment so that it is usable for many years and maintains their new appearance. Also, designers prepare a list of any remaining small items which needed attention.

These are the step by step process if you hire an interior designer for your home. If you need your home look like a dreamland, then a little patience is needed to fulfill your wish. And if you are in search of interior designers in Bangalore then we help you to make your dream home filled with trendy and timeless way of designs that you can’t ignore. To know more about us, visit