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Tips to decorate your small home in a unique way

Whether you live in a studio apartment or in a small house, making the most of your space feels like an impossible puzzle. If you have a piece of proper knowledge about decorating, you don’t have to sacrifice style. It is the most common misconception among people that designing a small apartment often leads to congested space.

However, if you find the right balance between the style and space, it is no doubt you’ll be comfortable living in for the foreseeable future. Make most of your things fit in while highlighting your personal aesthetic. We being one of the top interior designers in Bangalore, ensure you that you make the most of your space with these unique decorating ideas to help you tackle your own little dwelling.

Carefully outline separate areas

One of the best way to go when decorating a tiny apartment is open concept living. Also, the lack of definition of space can lead to things looking messy. Hence, separate your spaces, and give a specific purpose for each area. Separate your entrance way from your living area, making space for shoe racks by the door, positioning a buffet between your kitchens and dining area for serving easily and it also helps in extra storage. Also make your living room access a ton of natural light, more airy and open.

Invest in dual-purpose furniture

Every inch in your house counts when you are dealing with a small space. Pick furniture that serves for dual purpose. Also, consider installing furnishings that can fold up when not in use or a bed that can be folded into a sofa when watching television. To make better use of your space, using ottomans is a good choice as it can serve as a coffee table as well as an extra seating when people come over.

Think of Unused space

After living in the same space for a significant amount of period there will be some spaces that left unused or space which you have filled with unwanted furniture. Take a moment to look around your apartment and identify all the spaces that aren’t currently serving a useful purpose. It may be unused corners or blank walls. If you have a large window sill, convert it into a workspace so that, it serves its purpose when you need to take your business home for the night. Give yourself a space in a corner by purchasing a corner shelving unit to store your essentials.

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Focus on lighting

Small spaces often end up being dark due to lack of lighting in the area or nonexistent windows. Makeup for the natural light by adding plenty of light sources in every room. You can add ceiling fixtures either a pretty pendant or elegant flush mount depending on the ceiling height. If you feel there is no abundance of natural light; mirrors help as a lifesaver reflecting the minimal light around the room. Mirrors help in making space feel bigger. You can also decorate your space with a large mirror or creating a gallery wall of different size and shapes.

Choose the right colored palette

Rich and dark color palettes have the tendency to make space look smaller. Hence, keep things light when choosing the color for your apartment. Focus on using light colors like two, light, bright shades that cover the majority of the space. Look at items in a designer view helps keeps the space from becoming cluttered. Hiring an interior designer also helps as they have the ideas and creativeness. You don’t have to let go of interior design as you are living in a small apartment.

If you are not capable to focus on what to do, you can always take help from interior designers. There are some best interior designers in Bangalore and we are proud to say that we are one of them. We design and execute interiors in a most creative and innovative way like you ever dreamt of. Contact us at . Have other décor tips related to designing small spaces? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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