Top 6 clever ideas to transform your home

Clever Ideas to Transform your Home

Interior Designing is not just any business, it can be very delightful for you the homeowners! Whether you’ve just moved to a new home or looking for a quick make-over perhaps something more substantial, then there are some well-experienced interior designers in Bangalore who can give some clever interior ideas that can be done easily with minimal effort and cost. Smallest things make the big impact; it could be a painting, addition of a mirror or even a plant, we have some awesome tips that may inspire you to transform your home.

Make your room larger by painting lighter colors

A room with smaller space may look a little restricted, but larger windows, light colored walls and ample use of mirrors not only reflect natural lights pouring into the room, it also gives the optical illusion of the space making the room seem larger than it actually is. Besides, darker colors make a room feel smaller even with the abundance of natural light. Make sure the placements of the mirrors are in the right direction where it can replicate the natural light coming from the doors and windows to give your room a brighter look.

Mix different Elements

There is always a misconception that mixing different element makes the space messy and out of focus. But with the right placement, there is nothing wrong to mix different components to your space. In fact, all best interior designers will tell you the most important aspect of decorating your home is that it reflects your personality, your style and who you are. A fusion of present and past can also co-exist beautifully together.

Pick something which makes you feel comfortable

One simple trick- Slip covers! Slip covers easy and simplest way and serves as a means of changing your furniture’s look to reflect the season. This gives you a classy look to your room without relentlessly worrying about dirtying or spilling on your furniture.

Use whatever you have already for decoration

Everyone has some items packed up somewhere and never concerned to have a glance on it. When planning to transform your home, before running into stores; just peep into your old accessories that you already have. Your old accessories with a little modification can be a good masterpiece which you can showcase in your interiors.

Greenery is everything

Plants give living experience to the space wherever you add. Add plants wherever you feel it can fit in, it may be in your living room or bedroom or kitchen, large or small. Plants is a source of natural color and texture and it is one of the most economical means of beautifying your space. It not only helps in making your interior attractive but also gives clean household air and maintains humidity. If you are confused about decorating your house, you can always hire an interior decorators who can help you in designing your home in your style.

Carpet for bigger floor Areas

You can make use of carpets or rugs for larger spaces in your home. Carpets and rugs give warmth and can add color, texture and personality to your living space. Use different patterns and colors of rugs to showcase your character. Large spaces lack the comfort that carpets give. Also, you can change your area rugs to reflect the seasons using warmer fabrics for cooler months and lighter ones for the warmer days of the year.

Other than this, explore different wall designs. Combine different wall textures on any of your wall adding an extra touch of diversity and flexibility in your home. Paintings also play as a decorating trick for the living room and areas in the house with a wide wall.

Home interior design ideas vary from time to time. Staying up-to-date with the latest trends gives you more new ideas to incorporate to your homes. If you want to achieve an overall look at your house, then hire a professional interior designer to help you achieve your dream home interiors. Planning to renovate your house? We at in-cube studio being one of the affordable interior designers in Bangalore help you give our best service with the better quality of work. Book us now @

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