Space saving accessories you must have in your kitchen

Top Space Saving Accessories You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Kitchen is an important space and one of the most used spaces in a house. When it comes to kitchen design, a common problem that almost all house owners face is the lack of storage space in the kitchen. Making sure to use most of the kitchen space is always been a top priority. Well, the secret of a perfect modern kitchen lies in the modular kitchen storage accessories you include in your kitchen. Here are some top space saving modular kitchen accessories that our interior designers in Bangalore choose you to include in your kitchen design.

Lift-up cabinet doors

Among the must-have kitchen accessories, lift-up cabinet doors are one accessory which makes your workspace safer as open door possess the risk of injury when head accidentally bang against the sharp edges of the cabinet. Also, these over the counter accessories allows you to easily organize kitchen implements such as dishes and can be conventionally retrieved.

Tall Units

One of the most important and used accessories in the kitchen design is tall units. These units use vertical spaces and acts as storage space to store huge amounts of groceries or items which have long shelf lives. Tall units when closed looks like a kitchen wall giving the space a clean look and provides a cool and dry space to preserve delicate items from heat, sunlight, and moisture.

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Pull-out cabinets

Pull out cabinets are most likely installed below the kitchen shelf near the dishwasher or on either end of the kitchen. These cabinets are mostly narrow shelves which help to stack utensils and ingredients making easy to spot and access every item in the cabinet. You can install it as an open basket drawer to store vegetables and fruits or as a slide-out drawer with steel racks.

Cutlery organizers

Cutlery organizers can be installed in a variety of finishes to suit your preferences including metal, wood, and PVC. This cabinet is quite handy as you get different compartments to hold everything from spoons, forks to rolling pins, knives. This may sometimes turn into a disorganized mess unless you can maintain it neatly.

Corner Units

When it comes to kitchen design, making use of every bit of the corner of your space is very important. This is very corner cabinets comes handy. There’s a variety of modular kitchen corner baskets and trays which can adapt to the requirements. Also, L-shaped drawers are a great option of corner space as these cabinets act as pull-out cabinets providing more storage space.

Under sink Cabinets

Under sink cabinets are very important and a must install cabinet while designing your modular kitchen. All the cleaning essentials such as dishwashing liquid, garbage bins, scourers can be stored which in turn helps in keeping the sink and its surroundings clean. Kitchen disposal system provides an easy way to dispose of kitchen wastes and odors while subsequently keeping it clean and sterile.

These are some of the important kitchen cabinet units you need to look after while designing your modular kitchen. Consult the best interior designers in Bangalore to plan the best type of cabinet doors for your kitchen. Keep your kitchen functional and easy to work in, while simultaneously giving a modern touch to your kitchen.