Ways to Partition Spaces without using Walls

Ways to Partition Spaces without using Walls

It’s not unusual to feel a need to change the look of the interiors every once in a way, whether you have a large house or a small one. If you need to modify a space without taking away the aesthetics, then one of the best and effective ways to transform a space is through Partitions or screens. Look at some of these examples of partial screens suggest by Bangalore Interior Designers that divide spaces without compromising on the light and beauty.


Curtains are one of the simple and easy ways to install and create a defined space in a snap. You can give your room its perspectives if you open them and also they are very cheap and can be used for the temporary purpose also. By simply open and close of curtains you can create two intimate spaces. Not only this advantage due to curtain flexibility and amazing height, but it also adds an aerial look to your room. There are a lot of countless variations you can do with Curtains to make your room 2 separate ones.


By partitioning with this type, you have added the advantage of getting two separate rooms and also extremely useful storage cabinets, shelves, and libraries which is a smarter solution to separate a room. For example, you can put up a storage area in the middle of your living/dining room. The look of the space will be aesthetically and playfully defined. You can change the perspective of your room without reducing its size to counter a blocking effect. For best usage of the space, avoid using furniture that reaches both the ceiling and sidewalls.

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Sliding doors

Sliding doors offer many possibilities for structuring your space and divide a room in which it can be suspended, in a wall, or also staged or hidden. These types of doors not only visually define an area but also completely isolate everything from sound, sight, and smell when they are closed. You can get sliding doors with various colors, shapes, and textures like opaque, colored, plain, or transparent. Also whatever décor you prefer for your home, sliding doors are perfect to match.


Yes, the long-forgotten room screen dividers are back. These screens also become extremely small when folded and are ideal for separating a room without closing it off. If you own a small apartment or rooms which need the occasional separation then these screens are very convenient. Also, you can find these screens in a multitude of styles from classic Asian inspirations to contemporary ones.

Sliding panels

An interesting alternative to separate your rooms which fits your room could be sliding panels. Panels being the cheaper ones than sliding doors offers a less closed-off feeling. However, when it comes to installation they follow the same principle as sliding doors. You can install these panels hanging from the ceilings or work within the walls. They also adjust the space to your liking as it slides along to rail. Removable panels are also available and they define and dress up your home to suit your taste.

Glass shelves

A glass shelf is one of the best ideas if you want to make a room divider in your bedroom. They are a great way to divide a space while adding invaluable storage. One more advantage of installing glass is that the light in your home will continue to flow and you will still be able to cordon off separate areas.

Green walls

If you are a nature admirer and want to decorate your home with plants, then partitioning your space with greens is the best way. You can divide a space without being too heavy-handed, they are a truly spectacular way to add style, organic flavor, and privacy to your space. You can choose your favorite plants to grow, and the display will evolve and develop.

These are some of the best ways to partition spaces without using walls. You just need to make sure what suits better for your space. In-Cube Studio being one of the best residential interior designers in Bangalore help you in designing your interior more creative and unique with their designs. You can look out for our portfolios and work through www.incubestudio.in